Tagesgeschäft im ÖPNV

Daily Disposition


“Change is the only constant in life.”



But a dispatcher’s work is not done with putting together a duty roster. On a daily business basis, you have to react quickly to sudden changes of  the plan:

  • A construction site is disturbing your routes.
  • You have to find a replacement for an employee on sick leave.
  • You can see that one driver’s relay will not work at a specific point or time.

Usually, you can do your daily call sheet using your dispatching system. With idisPRO Daily, you can execute your daily disposition completely integrated into your basic preference planning. At all times, you will have an overview of:

  • where your employees are supposed to be according to the roster
  • what employee to address as a replacement (regarding his current wish fulfillment rate and his or her shifts before and after the unplanned assignment).

Of course you can also create your payroll accounting data with idisPRO Daily.