Disponent muss kurzfristig einen Dienst neu besetzen

Simple and Fair Disposition

As a dispatcher, you are mostly occupied with routine tasks that could be done automatically or be avoided altogether. Between the scarce  human resources, the company’s cost pressure and the overall workload to dispatch, it is hard to keep track of everything and be fair to everyone at the same time.

idisPRO helps you to allot  the workload mostly  automatically – and according to your employees’ wishes. You only have to  intervene manually with  those shifts that no driver has opted for. And even in that case, planning assistants will make your work easier. They will help you find shifts that match the drivers’ wishes as closely as possible. These assistants will be installed individually for each company and are usually approved by the works committee.



There are many neat and convenient views in idisPRO for dispatching manually if you need it. Likewise you can keep track of assigned and open shifts and of employees with or without duty assignments. Every view allows dispatching actions. .

The result is a fair duty roster with a high wish fulfillment rate. The procedures for allocation of non-optional shifts can be approved in advance by the  works committee , thus saving  a lot of disputing.Complaints about duty times and shift-swapping will significantly decrease.