Gut, dass der Fahrer nach dem Vereinsabend gestern, heute einen Spätdienst hat.

Work as I Like it




Are you familiar with these dilemmas?

  • You have to work on days that could be spent together with your family.
  • Arranging an administrative or a doctor’s appointment can be quite a challenge.
  • By now you know your communal club only by its web site.
  • The long-planned family party must take place without you, or you’ll have to look for a swapping partner. The next morning’s early shift stays your problem either way …

idisPRO lets you compile your own personal duty roster with your ideal shifts. You can enter your preferred worktimes via the office terminals.

Wunscheingabe über das Webfrontend

Preference feed via terminal


or conveniently from your home computer or even your smartphone.


Wunscheingabe mit dem Smartphone

Preference feed via smartphone


Your own personal duty roster gives you a long-term overview of your plannable spare time. Just work when it suits you best !

  • Your partner has to work at the weekend – plan your free time on the days your partner is free as well.
  • Be an active part of your communal club and go to work on a relaxed shift sequence that you chose yourself.
  • Unpopular shift duties still have to be shared by all drivers equally. Give yourself the chance with idisPRO to choose a shared duty in order to go shopping in between shifts.

With idisPRO, your dispatcher will take your preferences into account as closely as possible. Of course, not every driver’s wish can be fulfilled. If a preference cannot be granted, idisPRO will make sure everyone is treated fairly. The works committee will also ensure that no one gains any unfair advantage in the long run.