Basic Disposition




Your basic disposition mode offers everything you need to quickly start your own personal duty roster:

  • Core Data Management
    idisPRO has only few core data to manage since most of the data needed are automatically adopted and integrated from the superordinate dispatching system.
    Together with you, we will define the company rules that the planning assistants use for assigning shifts.
  • Integration
    To perform an automatic disposition, idisPRO needs information about employees and duties. These data usually come from a superordinate dispatching system that is integrated transparently into idisPRO.
  • Preference Feed
    Your employees can feed their preferences to terminals in their working areas. Alternatively, they can use our web frontend or even their own smartphones.
  • Duty Planning
    At the core of a successful idisPRO implementation is a disposition with a set of rules we will define individually for your company.
  • Printouts
    Many printing functions help you keeping track of everything and keep your employees informed.