Duty Rosters on demand – Why They are so Important

Rigid rosters with inflexible shift rhythms that barely allow for individual needs are neither up to date nor do they make much sense in terms of occupational health. Scientific studies have proven that.

Every employee has his or her own ideas about an ideal personal duty roster. One driver may regard shared duty as a kind of “worst case scenario”, whereas another one may be glad he doesn’t have to work eight hours straight and can perhaps get in his city marathon workout while it is still light outside. One may prefer early shifts, another one may like his Saturday nights out on the town better.

idisPRO enables your employees to put together  their own ideal duty schedule. Experience with such personally designed duty rosters show that usually more than 80% of duties can be assigned according to the employee’s wishes – without the dispatcher’s intervention.

Personalized rosters help your employees to find a good work life balance. Contend  employees have less absences and work more efficiently.

With idisPRO duty rosters, you will have a clear advantage over your competitors on a fiercely contested job market.